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I am Karin Hagberg – Holistic Practitioner, Coach, Author,  Speaker & Founder of Aspire Wellbeing,

Life these days can be busy and it can be difficult to stay balanced. It can be a bit of a juggling act to keep balanced in between work, family, friends, fitness, nutrition and also having some fun. It can leave us feeling overwhelmed and it effects our wellbeing.

We all want wellness in our lives, but where do we start?  How can we create your individual & successful path to health and wellness? How do we create a successful mindset? How do we gain confidence? And most of all how do we overcome obstacles, negative thoughts and challenges so that we can move forward. How do we become empowered well-beings?

I assist people from all walks of life and all over the world to achieve wellness and a more balanced lifestyle through coaching techniques, treatments and resources.

Are You ready to move forward and to take control of your destiny and achieve your heartfelt dreams?

I also run Aspire Wellbeing in Torquay, on the beautiful Surfcoast in Victoria, Australia.

I can’t wait to hear from You,

Yours in Wellness,

Karin Hagberg



My Mission & Passion of Wellbeing

My personal Mission is “To assist people create Ultimate Wellness, Purpose and Abundance through my success principles”

I have worked in the area, that I am so very passionate about for over 25 years, the health, fitness and wellness field – and I have had the gift of assisting people to transform their life around wheather it be on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. 

They call me the Transformational Wellness Coach/Practitioner as I have the gift of empowering people to transform their wellness around. I do this by helping people discover how they can move forward in a positive direction, by breaking through limitations, increasing confidence so that they can create personal success in their life, career and in wealth aspirations.
I give them tools that can assist them in healing themselves, so that they can become empowering well-beings.

Our Services

We offer Lifestyle, Food & Wellness / Life Coaching which includes various techniques for achieving successful results such as Hypnotherapy, NLP, TimeLine Therapy,  AromaFreedom Technique, Ho’oponopono.
We also offer Remedial Therapy Massage, Spinal Integration & Reiki Healings as well as Essential oil Coaching and business mentoring/coaching.


Wellness / Life Coaching

Would you like to be confident and calm and eliminate anxieties, create your dream life? Create your goals and create an exciting future which is congruent to your goals, dissolve barriers that have kept you from achieving your dreams and goals?


Aspire’s classes will help you improve Your strength, balance, flexibility & coordination and improve your “core” muscles and pelvic alignment.
The classes are in a flowing format and include Pilates & Yoga movements and are taught with nice relaxing tunes and we also incorporate the use of Young Living’s Essential Oils in the classes.

Remedial Massage Therapy

Karin Hagberg has been practising Massage since 2000 on the Surfcoast, Victoria, working to improve clients’ health and wellbeing through her range of massage therapy services and techniques.

Retail Therapy

Aspire Wellbeing in Torquay has a beautiful store that stocks a huge variety of Crystals, Essential Oils & Diffusers, Jewellary, Yoga Mats/Props/Clothing, Books, Incense etc.


Essential Oils & Toxic Free Living

Essential Oils are powerful and essential if you want to live a toxic free life above the wellness line.
We work with the Young Living Essential Oils as they have the “Seed to Seel” standard and is about creating Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.


We love fascilitating retreats, running events and workshops as well as presenting.
For more information on how I can assist you and your organisation please click below.

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“I had such an amazing breakthrough session with Karin, she has a wide range of techniques at her disposal that helped eliminate negative emotions on a conscious/subconscious level and really went in deep where we elicited values that control a persons behaviour without the person even knowing it.

Similarly people tend to sabotage their success be it career, relationships or health due to an inner conflict, she used a technique, which helps to integrate these internal conflicts.

I was really impressed with Karin’s caring and sympathetic approach as the questions asked can be challenging in the sense you have to dig deep within yourself to get the answers. Karin was totally determined on the outcome and gave the session 100% until we got the results that I was after.

Therefore I highly recommend Karin as a coach!”

 – Ajaz Bashir

“I believe that everyone deserves to achieve ultimate wellness through the
understanding of the body, mind and spirit connection.
I  believe that everyone has the power and deserves to create whatever
they desire in life, it being health, wealth & happiness”

0419 - 362 136


4/19 Gilbert Street, Torquay, VIC, Australia