I am so excited to share this 6-week online Coaching with you!

Ask yourself;
– Do you feel “stuck”
– Do you find it hard to move forward in life?
– Do you lack confidence?
– Do you want to feel happier and more content and perhaps be clearer on the direction in your life?
– Do you feel anxious?
– Do you feel like you have let yourself down?
– Do you find it difficult to set goals and follow them through?
– Do you want your life to feel more balanced?
– Do you want to bring more wellness into your life?
– Do you want to create a healthy lifestyle for you and your family?

There are many women feeling like like this…You are not along in feeling like You need some assistance and guidance in how to manifesting wellness in your life.

I have helped women from all walks of life improving their wellness (actually achieving ultimate wellness) through clarity, intentional goal setting and by teaching them how to deal with obstacles coming their way and giving them tools so that they can achieve their hearts desire.

During this 6-week online program I will teach you the “secrets” to manifesting wellness through powerful intention setting.

This is what I will cover;

Week 1 – what is wellness, what does it mean to you? How important is it? What will happen if you don’t make any changes and what will happen if you do? What are your strengths and how can they help you?

Week 2 – What is your wellness vision? Why do you want to change or improve? How important is it? How would your life improve if you changed?

Week 3 – What are goals? What is an intention? How does the law of attraction work? How can we manifest our goals? Learn how to set powerful SMART goals.

Week 4 – Learn about the power of our sense – smell – and how the pure, therapeutic grade Young Living oils can have a positive impact in moving forward in life. You will learn about how a toxic free lifestyle can benefit your wellness, not just on a physical level, but also on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level

Week 5 – What do we do when Obstacles come our way? How can visualisation assist in reaching our goal/intention? How can Meditation/Hypnosis/Visualisation assist us?

Week 6 – You will experience an AromaFreedom Technique session which is a step by step process for identifying and releasing negative thought, feelings and memories that interfere with reaching our goals and dreams. It is a technique that will get your energy flowing in a positive direction, towards growth and expansion. It uses the Young Living Essential Oils to trigger a permanant shift in how we view ourselves and the world.

Wherever you are in your journey, this workshop is ALL ABOUT YOU!
I am here to “hold” your hand and be here for you – you do the work and make it happen.
You will finish this course feeling clearer and empowered!
You will receive notes for each week and tools to work with.

In this Coaching Program we work out what You want and why you want it and what’s stopping you from going after it then creates a plan to implement and take action to change your life.

So, why have I created this online program?
– I have done this because I want lots of women to become empowered. By running an online program I can make a greater impact as I can reach more people, rather than seeing one person at a time.
– I wanted to create a program that is affordable and has an incredible value with powerful tools that create results if the ones that are participating at 100%.
– I wanted women the opportunity to do this program from home, practically anywhere in the world.
– I wanted to create a safe environment for people to share their journey and a place for women to support each other. I do this by this course and have also set up a Closed Support and Sharing group on Facebook for anyone joining.

You will be receiving;
– an welcome email with information as you sign up for this course.
– access to an online facebook closed support and sharing group called “Manifest Wellness through powerful intentions”
– Weekly notes that are emailed to you.
and loads more of course…

So are you ready to invest in yourself?
Are you ready to Manifest wellness through powerful intentions?

This course is valued at $995 when I run it in person – one on one – but as I am doing this online and for a group I have decided to only charge you $97!!!
So what are you waiting for?
Book Your Spot now?

The aroma freedom technique uses the Young Living Oils so there will be some oils that we use in this powerful process. These will be at an additional cost to the participant.

This online coaching is facilitated by Karin Hagberg, Certified Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coach, NLP Master Coach and Hypnotherapist, Essential Oils Coach, AromaFreedom Technique Practitioner with 25 years of working in the Health, Fitness and Wellness Field
email: aspirewellbeing@gmail.com

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