Hosting an Essential Oil Workshop is a great way of sharing the passion for Wellness and Essential Oils.

I can come to You and present a workshop. I also assist and train people in running their own workshops.
I would love to come and meet you and your friends and to share my passion for the Young Living Essential Oils and products. This journey can transform your life – all you need to do is to embrace the journey!

First of all – are you part of the aspire “Joy droppers” team? (It means that you have purchased a starter kit through Aspire Wellbeing and that you have an active Young Living account).
If not, that is fine too. You can still host an Essential Oil workshop which is great.

So how would it work? How would we make it a successful and fun event?

I set up an event on Facebook via my page and will add you and your page (if you have one)  – as an admin. This means that you can go in and edit and post on the event and you can also invite your friends/connections. It’s important to make sure you invite your friends and connections as they otherwise won’s discover the event and also share it in your groups, on your pages etc.
Every time you post in the event, anyone that has indicated they are either “Interested” or “Going” to the event will receive a notification. This keeps people interested in and prompts them to get a ticket etc.

I also set up a link for people to click on to get a ticket. It is important for everyone who wants to come along to purchase a ticket because that shows they are serious about coming. Everyone needs to get a ticket to secure a spot. Make sure you remind people to get a ticket.

A minimum of 5 people is necessary to run the event. I find between 5 – 10 people is the ideal number for a workshop at home.

You as a host will receive a gift for hosting the event.

All participants will also receive a small gift and the workshop includes notes.

As a host make sure you are well prepared for the workshop i.e. have your Dewdrop diffuser and oils set up on a display table and any flyers you may have. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of this yet. I can bring it along and I will also bring oils and flyers and products to display. I have a small table that I will bring for this too.

I would suggest that you have some snacks and drinks. It is a great idea to have some cold sparkly mineral water so that we can mix some oils in this for participants to try.

The workshop will run for about 1 ½ hours – the last 15 minutes for people to ask questions and to allow for us to sign them up as customers.

If you are on the aspire “joy droppers” team and are on on 100PV Essential Rewards a month and wants to be rewarded for hosting this event – then we will sign up all the customers with you and you will be rewarded with commission for this.

You will need to be on 100PV for this and be committed to grow a business and to support the customers you get with my help and assistance of course as we are a Team. I have never had anyone be on less than 100PV a month when hosting a party. This shows you love the products and this is of course important.

If you just want to host the event and are not interested in getting customers from it, and benefit from it, which I doubt would be the case –  then any customers on the day will be signed up under myself and you will receive a gift from hosting the event.

This is a great opportunity for you to start getting your oils paid for and to growing an essential oil community that goes in line with what you currently are doing.

Anyone that becomes your customer can also be added into the aspire “joy droppers” closed group on facebook where they can interact, ask questions, post and communicate with our “oily” community. This helps everyone to stay connected, be informed, have fun and so on.

Please contact us if you have any more questions on Hosting and Essential Oil and Wellness Workshops.

I look forward to hearing from You and supporting and educating you and your friends about Wellness and Essential Oils.

Karin xx



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