A day of self care and healing immerse in lovely smells

A day of self care and healing immerse in lovely smells

Sunday the 19th of May I held the second Aroma Yoga, Healing and Meditation day. Another wonderful day for people to connect and a.
I feel so very blessed to do what I do and I love giving and sharing to those who are open to some self care, wellness and “time out”.

One of the participants describe d the day as complete relaxation, nourishing to the mind / body / soul. It opens up the ability for self truths/ realisations & you meet people with similar interests. That very much sums up what this day was about.

I Thank You all who came along to have some well deserved “me-time”

Here are some pictures from the day!

A day of healing discovery and wellness

A day of healing discovery and wellness

Sunday the 28th of April we came together for a day of healing, wellness, essential oils, yoga and sound healing meditation. This amazing day was held on the beautiful Surfcoast in Anglesea. Take a look at the pictures from the day below.

If you missed out on this wonderful day – you can now book in for the next one which is held Sunday the 19th of May. This date is very popular and is close to full. So please make sure you contact us to book asap.

Here some information about the day – 19th of May 2019;
It’s a 1-day Wellness RETREAT in Anglesea – in the memorial hall 1A McMillan Street

The day start at 10 am and finishes at around 4.30pm.

This day is for women who want to>>>

– empower their wellness
– have some time out for some self nurturing
– learn the amazing benefits of using Essential Oils in their daily like to support their body, mind and spirit
– experience a powerful chakra clearing Sound healing meditation with Essential Oils
– have some time near the ocean on the beautiful Surfcoast
– connect with like minded people
– to feel the benefit of “time out”
– to start their wellness journey
– who want to learn about toxic free living

This workshop includes notes, snacks & tea.

The workshop is FREE when you purchase your first set of Essential Oils Pack with us (comes with a stunning Diffuser, 11 oils, Super Juice, Hand sanitiser & a wholesale membership + a free wellness coaching with Karin).
This pack is valued at over $400 but you will get it for only $270!! The pack needs to be ordered 1 week before the retreat day as you will be using the oils during the course of the day at times.

If you do want to attend this amazing day but don’t want to have the absolutely amazing pack – then you pay $195 for the day.
Think carefully before you do this as most people want a pack after attending the day and then you are up for the $195 plus the pack!

This is a powerful Healing day! Very Blissful! Very informative and Heartfelt.

Karin Hagberg who is running this day has 25 years of experience in the Wellness Field, as a Wellness/Essential oil and Lifestyle & Food COACH, Pilates/Yoga/Meditation teacher, AromaFreedom Technique & Ho’oponopono Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master & Remedial Massage Therapist.

She runs Wellness Retreats, Intention Setting & Vision Board Workshop, Essential Oils Workshops, Manifest Wellness through powerful intention programs, Reiki Courses, Yoga/Pilates Classes & of course has a Wellbeing Centre & Shop in Torquay – Aspire Wellbeing

CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/aroma-yoga-meditation-healing-1-day-aroma-retreat-tickets-56468717454?fbclid=IwAR0xp50vxITwfuY4HCieL6DzYoKuN_Uaahtl6XzJCXHm8tKAiBS2-Q5U1mQ

A lovely day in Melbourne

A lovely day in Melbourne

On Saturday the 6th of April I was up in Melbourne for the Young Living Live your Passion Rally. Me and a few other Young Living leaders had been planning for this event for a couple of months before hand. This day is all about sharing the passion we have for the Young Living lifestyle with all of our members and also any other people who want to come along.

It turned up to be such a lovely day. First of all it was so lovely to be surrounded with like minded people with huge passion to educate other people about wellness and essential oils.

The display table looked amazing with all the Young Living products and then we also had tables with lovely snacks and drinks. Everyone who came along certainly got spoilt as they also walked away with a FREE gift.

The best part of the day was when we got a surprise visit from Young Living’s general manager from Sydney – Kristen Tod and her husband. That was certainly a surprise! What a lovely one and what a pleasure. Everyone even got a chance to ask her questions. What an honour to have her coming to our event in Melbourne.

I was one of the three speakers on the day. You can watch the Youtube clip below.

I can’t wait for the journey to continue and to welcome anyone of you who want to be part of this amazing lifestyle.

Click here to get started on your Essential Oil and Wellness journey >>>> www.myYL.com/karinhagberg

Below you can watch my presentation and you can check out the photos below.

Photos from the day:

Join the “oily” Wellness Journey

Join the “oily” Wellness Journey

The women you see here are the latest women to make a decision to start their “oily” wellness journey. They attended our last Wellness, Essential Oil and Bliss Class. The are the latest aspire “joy droppers” 🙂 

They learnt how Essential Oil works, how they can help us stay above the wellness line, how to create a toxic free lifestyle and much more. The energy was high during the evening and they were eager to become empowered well-beings. They are now part of the aspire “joy droppers”. The aspire “Joy droppers” support each other on the journey. We have people from all over Australia but also in other countries. The closed Facebook group let’s people learn, connect and share and we also catch up in person of course.

This journey is about building relationship and about personal growth on the same time as improving ones lifestyle. This lifestyle have changed my life, in fact it’s transformed it and I love assisting other women on this journey too.

I love seeing people improve their health and wellness, grow, connect and loving their wellness & life journey.

So why would YOU decide to join us on the “oily” wellness journey? Well, here are some “why’s”?

  • You will embark on a Wellness Journey and Create a Toxic Free environment using Essential Oils and Essential Oil infused products
  • You will create Wellness for you and Your Family
  • You will get the BEST VALUE ever with one of these packs!! Choose from the Premium Starter Pack (the Premium Starter pack with either the Dewdrop or Desert Mist diffuser it the most popular one) or other Starter Packs.
  • You automatically receive wholesale prices after this as the pack includes a FREE WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. You can order as much or as little as you want. There are no extra fees.
  • You can get FREEBIES by ordering products monthly – that is right – you can get FREE oils! It’s easy, we can help you with this.
  • You become part of Aspire Wellbeing’s amazing “Oily” community called aspire “JOY DROPPERS”. We support you fully on your oily journey and you get discounts to our workshops and we also have a closed group on Facebook which you can be part of.
  • You will receive a free ticket to one of our Wellness and Essential Oils Workshops.
  • You will receive a document explaining how essential oils works and how you can use them.
  • You can also take up our offer of joining Karin’s 6-week online Wellness and Essential Oil Coaching program. It’s FREE when you get the pack! (valued at $995!!!)

So, here’s how you do it:

💚 Click on this link and follow the steps to get your pack. I will be notified as you do so and you will also receive a welcome email from us and we will connect.
💚 You can also give me a call, Karin Hagberg Ph: 0419-362 136 and I can organise it over the phone.
💚Or pop into Aspire Wellbeing, 4/19 Gilbert Street, Torquay.

Young Living is taking 10% off the premium starter packs until the 18th of September, but we will always offer what we offer (see above)

It’s your life, your health? Ask yourself, are you an empowered well-being?

Let’s do this together.

From all my heart,
Ph: 0419 – 362 136


I would like to find out more about how to start my oily journey

5 + 1 =

How to Create Powerful Goals Workshop

How to Create Powerful Goals Workshop

The first Workshop at  Aspire Wellbeing was held Thursday the 4th of December.
This workshop was perfect to start the year with as it was all about “How to set Powerful Goals and how to achieve them”.

11 people attended this workshop and they got to create a Vision and Goals and learn strategies how to achieve them. It was a great evening with lots of sharing, learning and reflecting.

Here are some pictures form the night;

One thing of my “Bucket list”

I have a few things on my “Life Wish List” or you may call it “your Bucket list” and one of them was to have some professional photos taken. I can now tick that off my list. I met Ellenor De Boer at one of the Wellbeing Expo’s in Geelong and she had been in my mind ever since. A few months later she posted something about having photos taken on Facebook and I then applied to be one of her ladies she would “glamour up” and she called me up a few weeks later. |

When meeting Ellenor De Boer we discovered that we had a passion in common – rowing.
It was such an exciting day to have the photos taken. The first thing I did was to have my hair curled. Eleanor did my make-up. I kept saying, not too much…I like the “natural” look and she said slightly more is needed when having photos taken.

As she did my make-up we started talking about confidence in women and a little about my story…which she wanted to feature… so here is a little about me; I was born in Sweden 1969 which makes me a proud 48 years young. I came to Australia in 1990 as I competed for the World Rowing Championships. I always had a passion for sports, starting as a 3-year-old doing ballet! I danced Jazz Ballet for years, did Ballet, Athletics, Basketball and at the age of 16 I started Rowing and became a talent very quickly. I also was passionate about theatre and music but Rowing quickly took over and I started representing Sweden. This took me to many places around Europe followed by Australia in 1990. Around that time, I met my x husband that was a rower as well and a few years after – in 1993 our first daughter was born. We moved country when she was only 4 months old. 2 ½ years later our son was born.

I started a career as a Personal Trainer and Masseur in Australia plus a few other jobs within the health and wellness field and in the year 2000 I started my own Health and Personal Training Business. I have always followed my passion. I guess I have enormous determination, perseverance, passion and kept it going even after an extremely devastating divorce. I kept changing, growing and developing to keep my passion in health and wellness. Having a chance to have the photo shoot and tick another thing off my “life Wish List” makes me reflect on life. How did I do it? From an outsider’s view, it might have looked “easy”. I can tell You this, I have experienced heart break beyond this world and challenges. Sometimes I wonder what made me keep going as there was many dark moments. But I kept picking myself up. Shortly after my divorce I decide to write a Book, which also was one of my items on my “life wish list”. I called it “Body Awakening – Balance the body, mind and spirit with Pilates and & an active lifestyle”.

Whilst talking to Ellenor De Boer I realised one thing; that was that I have confidence I can do it. I have an extreme will power. I know that if I can see myself do something in my mind, I know I can do it in real life…I can manifest it. As years have gone by, I have also developed true love for myself. I do appreciate me, for who I am. I can look myself in my eyes and say I love You. I tell myself daily, I love myself. I have learnt through the years that I have to “be there for myself” when no one else is. I have learnt to rely on my own love, rather than being dependent on praise and love from others.
I have through the years realised that I need to nurture all of me – both my body, mind and spirit and accept all of me and be grateful for what I have got and who I am.

I thank my Spirit for being so strong and for getting me through the tough times, and for having the confidence I needed then and now. I see so many women that don’t have enough confidence and don’t love themselves enough. I find it selfish to not love oneself. It’s like cheating on your own spirit. To be happy with oneself and focus on the things that are good and what you love -can transform one’s life.