My visit to Salt Lake City and the Young Living International Convention

My visit to Salt Lake City and the Young Living International Convention

On the 15th of July 2019 my trip to Salt Lake City started. This was a trip that I got paid for by Young Living as I participated in the Young Living Leadership Academy which meant that we had to complete and achieve certain things in a period of 6 months. It was an exciting journey as I had some major things happening in my business and I was forced to rebuild in one months time to meet the criteria to win the trip and the accomodation.
I had visualised and included the Young Living Farm on my vision board and now I was on the way. I was so excited to finally get to visit a farm.

The journey went well apart from more than expected turbulence on the way into Salt Lake City. Apparently this has to do with the surrounding Rocky Mountains.
After a night’s rest it was time for us to visit the farm – the Mona Farm.
The farm experience was something I will never forget and that I can’t wait to see some of my downline members experience in the time to come.
I had to of course take the “Lavender Photo” that everyone seem to do when they visit the farm. It did not end up being a jump in the Lavender Farm fields as many people seem to do, but I took the ones below.

It was absolutely amazing weather and the flowers on the farm was stunning plus of course the mountains with snow in the background.

At the farm we had a chance to look at and purchase products, look at he plants, horses, performances, have a lovely lunch, have Ningxia Slushies (see above) made of loads of Ningxia, essential oils and ice and of course lots more.

During the following days I got to experience the unbelievable Convention  Expo where you could visit all the different products stores which was unbelievable.

And of course the Convention in itself that was held overnight for a few nights. This was held at the Eccles Stadium so it could fit in between 40 – 50,000 people! Wow! Can you imagine how the atmosphere was?! I have never been surrounded by so many “oilers” before. 🙂

Below are some photos from the convention and the expo.

I got to meet my friend Lesley that I did the AromaFreedom technique course with . Leslie is from Texas and was so incredibly lovely. I can’t wait to meet her again!

As I as talking to Leslie Dr. Oli and his wife came up and “Diamond dusted” us – we received a copy of his new book for free. Lucky us!

The weather was stunning in Utah and as the days were full of presentations, I only got a few minutes to enjoy the warm sun. Lovely!

Such lovely staff at the expo. Happy and Smiling! 🙂

Here I am with Jen O’Sullivan, author and Essential Oil Educator. I bought her bundle of books at the AromaShare Expo.

Here is Dr. Perkins and I. I studied his Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner Course and finished it last year. What a pleasure to meet him in person.

I also got to visit the Young Living head office. Unbelievable new building! It even had a water fall inside!

A shared room with this lovely lady, Wendy Brooke that travelled from New Zealand here.

The convention was amazing! So many happy people and presentations.

This was an experience that I won’t forget and that I will look forward to seeing other Joy droppers have in the future!



Happening this week at Aspire Wellbeing

The next two weeks we have a variety of workshops – we start with the “TOXIC FREE LIVING FOR DOGS AND THEIR HUMAN FRIENDS”. That is held on Wednesday the 26th of June at 6.30pm.

We have an Aroma Sound Healing Meditation on the 3rd of July at 6.30pm.

We have Rose of Sharon with us on Saturday the 6th of July and she will be available for Psychic Readings.

On Sunday the 7th we have an Essential Oil Workshop and also an AromaBliss workshop.

It’s gonna be an amazing couple of weeks! Make sure you BOOK IN to the events now as Bookings are required!

Make sure you check out our Events by clicking on the Events and Programs Tab in the Menu Bar.

Karin 🙂


Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique

Have you ever heard of the Raindrop Technique? I had my first experience about three years ago and I was so impressed with how I felt after the first treatment I had, so I quickly made sure I received my second one not long after the first.

It is such a wonderfully relaxing experience but not just that – my back felt better than it had for years.
I now understand that the power of these oils are pretty extraordinary!

I fell in love with it so much that I decided to make this treatment available to my clients.

You can now come an experience a blissful 90 minute appointment with me at Aspire Wellbeing.

Read more about the treatment below.

Raindrop techniqueis an exciting new modality , which has its origins from Ancient Tibet, Ancient Egypt and American Indian body work techniques, combined with the power of therapeutic grade of essential oils and massage. Raindrop technique uses Vitaflex, the Ancient Tibetan version of foot reflexology. This is performed along the spinal reflexes on the feet, in combination with various essential oils. It also includes gentle massage techniques and layering of oils alongside the spine (back). This exotic combination makes for a sensational experience, both giving and receiving, which promotes profound relaxation and balance.
You are able to have one of these amazing season reduced to 50% off during the month of May and June. To make a booking please contact Karin Hagberg on 0419-362136. 
Some benefits of Raindrop Technique is:
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Detoxify physical and energetic bodies
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Alignment of the spine, bone and joint discomfort
  • Improve emotional well-being
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Gentle and relaxing application
The treatment duration is approximately 90 minutes. I begin with a full consultation, discussing the purpose of the clients visit and their medical history.
The Young Livings oils used are Thyme, Basil, Peppermint, Oregano, Wintergreen, Cypress and Marjoram, plus two blends Valor & Aroma Siez. These are first applied to the feet along reflexology points using a technique called VitaFlex. They are then applied to the spine, using proprietary techniques developed to create the greatest benefit. 

After the Raindrop Massage Technique you may feel more energetic or relaxed.

REJUVENATE THE MIND. BALANCE THE BODY with a Raindrop Technique Session



A day of self care and healing immerse in lovely smells

A day of self care and healing immerse in lovely smells

Sunday the 19th of May I held the second Aroma Yoga, Healing and Meditation day. Another wonderful day for people to connect and a.
I feel so very blessed to do what I do and I love giving and sharing to those who are open to some self care, wellness and “time out”.

One of the participants describe d the day as complete relaxation, nourishing to the mind / body / soul. It opens up the ability for self truths/ realisations & you meet people with similar interests. That very much sums up what this day was about.

I Thank You all who came along to have some well deserved “me-time”

Here are some pictures from the day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

We wish You all a Happy Mother’s Day!

To celebrate You – we are offering an amazing $20 off our Massages! So rather then paying $95 – You only pay $75.

This special is only available from the 9 – 11th of May and only online through our Shop (See below).