Coaching Testimonials

“I had such an amazing breakthrough session with Karin, she has a wide range of techniques at her disposal that helped eliminate negative emotions on a conscious/subconscious level and really went in deep where we elicited values that control a persons behaviour without person even knowing it. Similarly people tend to sabotage their success be it career, relationships or health due to an inner conflict, she used a technique, which helps to integrate these internal conflicts. I was really impressed with Karin’s caring and sympathetic approach as the questions asked can be challenging in the sense you have to did deep within yourself to get the answers. Karin was totally determined on the outcome and gave the session 100% until we got the results that I was after. Therefore I highly recommend Karin as a coach!

 – Ajaz Bashir

“Karin is a passionate and dedicated health coach. The retreat she has created is nurturing and inspiring. What a fantastic idea to support women to recharge, destress, reconnect and flourish” 

 – Cadence Coaching

“I recently discovered Aspire Wellbeing. Karin’s quality service, knowledge and kind nature are evident as soon as your enter her beautiful shop. Karin offers a range of courses and services that cater to all interests and needs. Such a delight to have discovered this little gem. Thank you Karin”

– Jodie Richmond

“Karin is a wonderful person to know in the wellness industry. She has a beautiful one-stop shop in Torquay, she provides online and personal wellness coaching, essential oils coaching, awesome massage treatments, she is positive and encouraging and has run amazing retreat weekends”

– Wanda Turner

Here is what people has to say about Karin & her book Body Awakening.

“Aspire Pilates/Yoga has given me the confidence to stretch and move freely after injuring my back 2 years ago. The classes are ideally suited to all levels of fitness and ages with Karin offering easy/medium and hard options of exercise.

– Karleen Beaumont

“Karin’s new book Body Awakening is an invaluable resource foranyone who is passionate about improving their lifestyle at all levels,including the mind, body and soul. I have been attending Karin’s Pilates classes on the Surf Coast for over two years and it has been an invaluable experience. Karin has enabled me to improve my overall strength, flexibility and core stability. This has provided me with great relief in terms of the chronic lower back injury I am managing. Pilates has also contributed to my overall sense of health and wellbeing. As a teacher, Karin is extremely professional, encouraging and most importantly INSPIRING!”

– Sue Roberts, aspire Pilates student and Community Development Practitioner

“In my medical practice I see the effects of our sedentary lives – loss of flexibility, muscle tone and balance. In Karin’s book you learn how Pilates addresses this, but also, how to nurture the mind and soul. As you implement these techniques the benefits will spill into all aspects of your life – self, family and work. There is something for everyone in this book; I can recommend this technique from personal experience and encourage my patients to explore this book.”

– Stuart Galbraith, General Medical Practitioner

“At age 64, following a hip replacement, I was very unfit with no strength or flexibility. For the first time I started having fun with exercise in Karin’s classes. She really knows her stuff, and how to teach me; she seems to be able to get me to stretch my ability a bit more each lesson. Now I’m feeling great and I certainly need this with my sedentary work. Better still, Karin’s book takes the extra step for me. I DO need ‘moral’ support and a bit of a kick-start. I like to dip into it on any page and it feels like Karin is standing right there beside me encouraging me to keep going. Thanks Karin.”

– Winsome Coutts, Aspire Client

“Karin’s ability to share her knowledge on how to stay in good shape is something that anyone can benefit from whilst in her Pilates classes and Personal training sessions. Her presence of mind and the way Karin brings your awareness to the experience is amazing. Body Awakening is a must read, an experience all of its own.”

– John Salton, Author of Get the renovation you really want, and company director of John Salton Builders

“I am lucky enough to attend Karin’s personal Pilates classes. The energy, passion and patience that she demonstrates during her classes, also glows throughout this book. When you meet Karin, it is easy to see that one of her strongest values is her health, but she also highly values and loves helping others to become and remain healthy and vibrant. I would highly recommend that you read Body Awakening.”

– Richie Coutts, Surfer Extraordinaire, Anglesea

“Since meeting Karin, I have been introduced to a more satisfying approach to personal fitness. I have always concerned myself with maintaining a healthy approach to life and believed exercising and a balanced diet was important. Now, as I approach midlife, I credit my level of fitness and wellbeing to my involvement with Karin’s Pilates classes, which I love. I have never been more flexible and have also developed an inner strength. Karin’s disciplined but gentle approach to other forms of exercise such as meditation and weight training have been very beneficial. Thank you, Karin and I will certainly be sharing your secrets to good health through your book Body Awakening with all my friends and family”.

– Helen Mayne, School Teacher

“Body Awakening is a great book for evaluating your health and pinpointing those attitudes that keep you from living life to the fullest or what I’d call “FBO Experiences”. Oscar Naval – Author of Full Body Orgasm: Your Energy to Love, Health, Wealth, and Happiness Karin Hagberg is an inspiring teacher who has worked with our staff to improve their overall wellbeing through Pilates. Feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive and benefits to the company are substantial.”

– Clive Fitts, President, Quiksilver Asia Pacific

“I have been a student of Karin’s for several years. Her combination of knowledge plus experience, and her positive approach to both exercise and life, continue to be inspiring and rewarding.”

– Max Keith, Farmer

“Karin you’re a diamond to us! Your book provides a wonderful insight into how we truly regain our wellness. We feel motivated and we thank you.”

– Paul & Shelley Fox, Authors of Diamonds Demystified

“After having my first child I wanted to get back into shape, strengthen my body and correct my posture. Karin Hagberg helped me do that through Pilates.”

– Karin Knapp, Home mum

“I have been doing Pilates under Karin’s instruction for several years, and I wouldn’t be without it. It contributes greatly to my strength, balance and flexibility, and is an important part of my fitness and wellbeing program.?

– Sally Fitts, artist

“I’m in my sixties and maintain muscle tone and flexibility by attending Karin’s Pilates classes. Another benefit is the feeling of wellbeing and vitality the classes provide. This was brought home for me when I was unable to attend Pilates classes for an extended period of time, which resulted in a general feeling sluggishness and lack of vitality.”

John Welsh – Engineer

“We have been training with Karin for over three years. We love Karin’s positive and motivational approach and find her extremely informative and inspirational. Our work with Karin has definitely made us more positive and successful in all facets of our lives. We can’t wait to learn more from Body Awakening!”

– Theresa & Mark, Extremely satisfied Clients

“I was among the group that introduced body-mind therapies to Melbourne in the early 1970’s. We imported many specialists from overseas and organised and ran many training groups in a wide range of physical and movement approaches to emotional and body wellbeing. Over my professional life I have taken part in workshops from bioenergenetics through dance, Feldenkrais, gestalt, Tai Chi, stretching, running, and now with you Pilates. Looking back at all this, I have never had so much fun as I am having in Karin’s program. Of all the trainers I have experienced Karin is the most pleasantly present. Her gentle and clear description of the exercises makes it easy for me to listen to and to attend to what I am doing with my body. She offers beginner as well as more advanced levels of the exercises which makes it easy to take control myself and make my own decisions about how far I need/want to go. Her reminders to breathe and drawing attention to the body areas that are involved in each exercise are, for me, brilliantly timed.”

– Terry, 72-year old semi-retired Clinical Psychologist & forner Director LaTrobe University Councelling Service

“Through teaching me Pilates, Karin has helped me to overcome and manage a back injury enabling me to run again. Over the years she has also generously shared her extensive knowledge. I am recommending her book to all of my clients.”

– Craig Beeby, Barwon Heads Boxing & Fitness

“Karin Hagberg’s Body Awaking is a must read if you need to change your wellbeing and improve your fitness in order to achieve a good quality lifestyle. I am a 60 year old woman who, for a number of years, was unable to climb stairs without support from a handrail. My balance has improved to the degree that I am back climbing mountain tracks. Thanks Karin for helping me balance my mind and for assisting me in restoring my physical balance.”

– Gail Frost, aspire client

“Karin has a unique and personalised approach to Pilates. She is able to make you feel comfortable while establishing a firm base to improve both stability and strength. I am a regular attendee of her Pilates and circuit sessions. I look forward to further enhancing my wellbeing through my involvement with Karin’s sessions and can recommend her to anyone, male or female, who is interested in improving their general fitness and overall wellbeing.”

– Sue Butler, aspire client

“It was after a massage with Karin, in October 2006, that she suggested Pilates. I went back to London and researched Pilates, from which I stumbled across a studio. I then started Pilates, and from my very first session, I knew that this was for me. Pilates has increased my body awareness, core strength and flexibility. It has improved my posture and provides me with a form of relaxation. Although the breathing took me awhile to get used to, and at times I still get a little muddled, I have never looked back. For that, I am very grateful to Karin. She is an inspiration – motivating and a true mentor. Thank you, Karin.”

– Amanda Kunjka, Nurse

“I started going to Karin’s classes about two years ago after having my first baby. I needed to get in shape and strengthen my body. The results were amazing, and it was all because of Karin’s positive attitude and constant support. She has such a wealth of knowledge and I am so happy to see she has finally put it in to words in her new book Body Awakening. I can really recommend reading this book as I think Karin has “hit the nail on the head”, it not just about the body; your mind and soul plays a big part in your quest for your ultimate wellbeing.”

– Annelie Asplund,  Web Designer and Mum


To dear Karin at Aspire,

“Thank you for recommending Pilates to me. These past 15 months have been a rewarding journey both physically and mentally. At times it has been hard e.g. the whole breathing concept, and sometimes still is, but the way Pilates makes me feel and freely move, far outnumber those hard days. Pilates has had such a positive impact on my life and it is to you, Karin, that I am ever so grateful to. Thank you!” I look forward to continuing on this journey. Yours sincerely, 

– Amanda

“The exercises and sessions have met my needs well. I am much more flexible and my issues with my back have diminished remarkable!”

– Nadia

“I feel much fitter all around – I feel so much better, stronger, better shape and I really enjoy the sessions. My goal is to be stronger and to lose weight & just feel better & I am getting there! I enjoy a challenge & am really getting it”.

– Kerin

“My mobility has improved by approx. 30%”.

– John

“I feel better in myself. Posture and core strength has definitely improved. Generally feel more toned and more aware of my body”.

– Vanessa

“It has improved my flexibility & strength.  I am able to confidently doing things much more”.

– Noela

“I really enjoy the workouts at Aspire as it has really helped me to improve my fitness and strengthened my back which was the initial motivation for coming to Pilates”

– Kiera

“I have suffered a chronic back injury for many years. Up until recently I relied upon Chiropractic and Osteopathic care. It was often said that these people were the only ones that kept me walking. That was until now.
Quiet a few years ago it was suggested to me by some very good friends to try Pilates but I did not take this advice seriously until just recently.
I must say this has been some of the best advice I could ever have been given. If I had only listened back then I could have saved myself a lot of pain and discomfort not to mention money.

 My Osteopath had written to Karin Hagberg at Aspire seeking assisted treatment to help strengthen my back. And so my life with Pilates began. Karin gave me a thorough assessment and developed an exercise program to get me under way. I was absolutely amazed by Karin’s professional approach and obvious knowledge. This may sound doubtful but I noticed change from that very first visit and have continued to reap the benefits of Pilates ever since. My wife will also testify to this.

 I now see Karin every month or so to make sure I stay on track with technique and also move onto variable exercise programs and I do my Pilates routine several times per week.”

I would recommend for anyone to try Pilates. So now I only need to visit my Osteopath for a “tune up” once in a while and stay strong through PILATES.

Thanks Karin. Keep up the great work.”

– Col Anderson