The journey to elevate your wellness/better your health can at times be a difficult path to follow. Trying to do what’s right for your body, mind and spirit, without a clear understanding of what it is you really want to achieve, is like walking with a blindfold not seeing where you are going.

Without intent or lack of it leaves you feeling lost and without direction. You might feel like just giving up and start doing self sabotaging things. 

I am sure most of us have lost our way at one point of our time, but it does not have to mean we have to accept defeat. It just means we need to find the right map to get there, and setting a goal is the best GPS signal there is to get there.

Can you remember a time when you achieved something you really wanted in life. How did it make you feel? I am sure it made you feel amazing, perhaps accomplished, proud, happy etc. Imagine if you could feel that good  all the time. 
I believe you can, when you set yourself goals that will take you towards where you want to go.

First of all ask yourself “what is it I really want?” Then ask yourself “why do I want this?”

I believe that goals gives you focus and motivation. If we did not have them, we would be lost. We may accidentally make the goal but only after an excessive expenditure of time and energy.

Ask yourself, do you think it’s easy to know what steps to take  if you don’t have a clear objective? Do you think you would be more focused if your eyes was focused towards the finish line/goal. Do you think you would be more focused and less distracted if you knew what you wanted and why it is so important for you to get there?

We all got to start somewhere and I believe it is by setting small specific goals that you can realistically achieve each week, month or year. This will boost your progress for sure.

Set goals that are Specific, Realistic and Achievable. The more achievable your goals are, the more likely you are to find the motivation to follow through. Start small and build as you go. Remember we all had to crawl before we learn to walk.

It’s important to then track the progress as you set of on your journey.  How else would you know if you are on the “right” track. Tracking your progress will enable you to see if what your are doing is getting you closer to where you want to be or further away from it.

Focus on what is working and the progress you are taking and see yourself have accomplished your goal, but more of all enjoy the journey!

Karin Hagberg