Make your own Perfume using Essential Oils

Make your own Perfume using Essential Oils


I love wearing Essential Oils as perfumes and I love blending them myself. Not just do they smell amazing, they also have a positive effect on my mood. Did you know that aromas have a powerful effect on us. Unlike all of our other senses, our sense of smell is the one sense that communicates directly with the limbic region of our brain. Often thought of as our subconscious, this is where we store our memories and their associated emotions.

As soon as that lid comes off the bottle of essential oil and your nose is registering the aroma, it’s already creating magic in your mind…stimulating, calming and uplifting you, arousing memories, and evoking a response.


The Ancient Egyptians understood the power of aromas, and they believed that the more beautiful they smelled, the more their Gods would bestow abundance and good fortune on them. They would compete with each other for their Gods’ favour, creating amazing signature scents which were all based on essential oils.

There is a bit of an art to make a beautiful scents, it comes down to blending the oils the best way, with base, middle and top notes.

I am running a workshop in Torquay on Wednesday the 27th of October. It will be so much fun!

Come an Join us.
Helping dogs with Essential Oils

Helping dogs with Essential Oils

There is nothing better than the love we receive from our dogs. I loved my Golden Retriever Millie. She is not with me anymore but if she was I would have wanted to give her the best of care, so she also could live a healthy , long life.

Did you know that essential oils to a dog smells like beautiful nature, but so much more concentrated of course. This is because they have so many more olfactory receptors than us humans have.

I often have people asking me about how to use Oils with their dogs, so me and my friend Kelly, who also loves dogs, put this video together.

Take a look and remember that we are her to help you get started.

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