I sure have been breathing deeply in the last 1 1/2 year since starting to work with the most beautiful Vibrational Therapeutic ESSENTIAL OILS – Young Living. I start everyday with a 1 – 3 drops of an oil that I choose intuitively  – I spend 1 – 3 minutes smelling the oil and then I put it around my neck and wrists. On the same time I set my intention for the day and I also spend time thinking about things I am grateful for and lastly I send love and healing energy to people around me.

These oils have not just transformed my life and enhanced my wellness – they have also helped many of my clients and people  I have shared my love for these oils to.
Essential Oils get so much attention now. I guess we are all getting smarter when it comes to finding out what actually does work to enhance our wellness.

I am now sharing my passions for these Magic Drops through webinars, Facebook, expos, events etc.

Please contact me for more information.

Your in Wellness,

Karin Hagberg